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Our Company

KBS Consulting is an organisation involved in developing and delivering business software applications for organisations. Our main focus is on accounting systems for Cooperative Societies, Trading and Services Organisations. We have strong understanding and knowledge of these products and their components based on experience stretching up to 20 years.
We have in-debt knowledge and strength (backed up with various certifications and professional qualifications) in project management and software deployment. Whether your business is start-up or existing, we have the technical know-how and business strategies to transport your data to the new platform seamlessly.
Our experienced consultants deliver our products to organisations using business strategies comparable to global best practices.

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Our Mission

To deliver quality ICT solutions to our esteemed customers, provide trainings and services to enable them sustain their businesses and make them substantially competitive and profitable.

Our Commitment

To be your go-to professional development partner, opening up lines of communication, transforming your organization and preparing you to thrive in today’s marketplace.

  1. • Provide IT solutions that will drive and organize your business in such a way that you can track all your incomes and expenses.
  2. • Design unique and powerful training and development solutions that fit your industry’s and organization’s needs and help you meet your real-world goals.
  3. • Engage and provide an uplifting, motivational and transformational learning experience.
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Our Team

We are a professionally managed organisation, we are led by a team with experience and technical competence who bring their shared vision of delivering value to our customers and all stakeholders. The entrepreneurial spirit combined with a strong project management approach is reflected in the way we deliver our project. Our team consists of personnel with the following roles:

Project Managers

Our project managers are in charge of leading teams responsible for achieving projects objectives in software design, software development, products testing and software deployment. At KBS Consulting, we view project management as a key arm of the organisation because it is essential to the growth and survival of any organisations and it is the link between the strategy and the team.

Business Analysts/Designers

Our business analysts are involved in product design, procedures and process audit. They are constantly involved in some form of R&D and are also abreast of trends in the marketplace. These people are mainly responsible for interpreting business needs and requirements to the software developers. Without them, the quality of our products will be seriously affected.

Software Architect/Developer

These people form the bulk of our personnel. They have in-depth knowledge and experience in using modern software development tools to accomplish beautiful, robust, aesthetic and functional software within a short period of time. They are also involved in first level testing of raw source codes and the general characteristics of the system.

Software Tester

These personnel are involved in the quality testing of the system. Software testers are the last phase of the software development cycle. When software products are ready, it must pass through this department for testing and quality control before the product is finally chipped to end users (i.e. clients). In order words, they ensure that the system is fit for use.

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